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6750 Westown Parkway #200-322
West Des Moines, IA 50266
P: (515) 537-2080
F: (866) 373-2236

Welcome to the Mutual Insurance Association of Iowa

Dave Fleener
President 2013-2014

Message from MIAI President Dave Fleener:

Some of you know that I enjoy a play on words, so, the theme; The Feeling is Mutual, struck a chord with me. Only those in the mutual industry have a deep understanding of how our entities work. We all share similar trials and tribulations that many others in the insurance industry do not comprehend.

There are many concerns for our individual Mutuals. Some include, but not limited to: politics, adverse weather, reinsurance contracts, technology, human resources, advertising, and the list goes on and the list constantly changes. One thing is for certain……we all have a common thread by simply being a Mutual Insurance Company. Most of us are small companies in a perpetual effort to carve out and fine tune our niche within the communities we serve AND in the insurance arena. With the many different hats we are asked to wear, it is challenging to say the least. We rely on the expertise of others to assist us with our own companies. We rely on reinsurers to keep us financially secure; we rely on IT experts to help with computers, hardware and software. We rely on local newspapers, clubs, etc. to help promote our business; we rely on the Mutual Insurance Association of Iowa and NAMIC for State and Federal advocacy, information, news, education and networking….. just to name a few. However, it is us, the Mutual Managers, CEO's, Secretary-Treasurers, Presidents and Directors that have to digest this surplus of information and piece our own puzzle together. Having an organization like this validates that we are able to work alone, together, and this Feeling is Mutual.

It has been a great experience being on committees and the board of directors of this fine Association with fellow managers. We all have similar concerns, yet may take different paths to get to whatever destination is desired. Without breaking anti-trust rules, we figure out what works and what is a waste of time. You all have something to offer and all ideas are valued without being scrutinized. Being a membership driven organization, MIAI is a big piece of the puzzle to our success.

Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in l979. She left many lessons for us. She said that "when we work hard all day long, it feels like we are only a drop in the ocean. But if our individual drops were not in the ocean....the ocean would be dry."

Each one of you is a drop in the MIAI Ocean. And, without each of you we would be empty and dry. Please, never forget how important you are to this organization.

Big thanks to those that have accepted the request to serve on a committee next year.

Thank you for allowing me the honor to serve as your President. My predecessors have left big shoes to fill and I will be relying on all of you for guidance and support. I look forward to working with the MIAI in an effort to continue the good work that has been started by those with vision.

Thank you and Godspeed.